Get Setup Payroll Status

Gets the current status of setup payroll wizard.
This endpoint can be called even before starting a wizard for a company to get the year for which the wizard should be started
and the deadline for wizard processing.

Note on Setup payroll wizard statuses:
The wizard operates in DataEntry, Overview and Processing states. Most of the endpoints are valid in DataEntry state.
When the Data entry phase is done, the GetQuartersOverview endpoint should be called, setting the wizard state to Overview.
Now, the wizard can freely transition between DataEntry and Overview state just by calling endpoints belonging to one or the other.
When the user verifies the data are correct, the ProcessData endpoint triggers the processing phase, setting the state to Processing.
Until the data gets processed in background, no status changing endpoint will be allowed. After the processing is done, the wizard state is ProcessingFinished.
If processing ended with errors or warnings, these are returned by this method in Errors or Warnings properties.
When processing errors occur it needs to be solved by contacting the support.
If there are no errors the wizard can be ended with a call to Finish endpoint. \

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