Create Employee

Creating an employee is the next step in payroll processing. Due to tax setup implications, you should always create employees before you continue with Tax Setup. But as you can add employees later, Tax Setup can be called multiple times without issues too.

Calling the create employee endpoint uses a more complex structure that needs to be filled out. The API requires you to set some of these pieces of information at the onset, while you can update some others later. The required information is essential for your Payroll calculation and must be appropriately filled in.

Personal Information

We are expecting that in some cases data can be provided by other team members (employees, hr person, etc…) so you can update them later with an Update on existing employees' endpoint.

In the US, payroll is possible to have two types of workers – employee (with SSN) and contractor (with FEIN). Identification of both (SSN or FEIN) goes into the SSN field (both are 9 characters numbers).

You can also set up the access type your employee has into your payroll systems. An employee can have Admin access (could be full or custom admin access) or Employee access where their activities are confined to information surrounding them alone.

A residential address is used for Tax setup and payroll calculations, and so must exist and be valid. For example, purpose we are recommending a Florida address like:

Address Line 1: 46 N Orange Ave
Address Line 2: Basement. 2
City: Orlando
State: Florida
StateShort: FL
Zip: 32801


The work schedule of your employee should be set to any options that our system affords. An employee could have any of the following work schedules: a full-time, part-time, temporary, or any other work schedule.

The system also allows you the opportunity to select your employees' compensation type, which impacts their compensation hours and compensation amount depending on the compensation type.

Setting an employee's compensation type to Hourly or Tipped will require you to determine their Hourly rate. Similarly, setting an employee's compensation type to Piecework will require you to set their Unit work rate for an effective payroll run.

For a quick test on the Contract object, we are recommending using a Salaried employee with a full-time work schedule and reasonable compensation so you don’t need to bother with minimum wage limits. Hours and compensations are used per pay period.


Create Employee

Please find a comprehensive guide on creating an employee here. This section only aims to give you a quick start to the whole process.

You can read more about the parameters and the API in the API Reference.