Employee Basic Information

This section should be the first section of the wizard that appears after selecting a particular onboarding template. In this section, the company's admin onboards the basic personal information of the employee. The information that the admin onboards into the system during this onboarding phase shall include the following:

First Name

You set this field to be your employees' legal first name. The company's admin should only be able to input alphanumeric characters here with a minimum character count of 1 and a maximum character count of 35 for validation purposes.

Last Name

This field should also contain only alphanumeric characters with a minimum character count of 1 and a maximum character count of 35. You set your employees' legal last name here.

Employee Identification Type

The employee identification type could be by email or Social Security Number (SSN) identification. However, email is a custom-required field, while SSN is optional in our system. Thus, you can let the user choose which information they prefer to use or use the information you already have. If the "SSN" option is selected, a new required field for the employee's SSN should appear.

A successful PUT request of this endpoint should store the employee's information in the system and is expected to return which member of the onboarding steps the company's admin is. All GET and POST requests should return information about the next and previous steps in this phase of employee self-onboarding.

If the employee's information is already in the system, the company's admin can make a GET request to call the Get Employee Info endpoint to continue with the onboarding. A successful calling of this endpoint also returns information about the customRequiredField, which is usually the email and/or SSN fields.