Net Pay Allocations

In this step, the company admin reviews or edits the new employee's Net Pay Allocation information in the employee's profile before running the first payroll. If the employee does not define a direct deposit method, the system automatically issues the sum of net pay allocations as a live check.

For the company admin to review and verify the employee's Net Pay Allocation, they call two endpoints. However, they can only call these endpoints if the step status remains in Waiting.


Steps Status

There are three different step status that steps in this phase of onboarding can have. The step can be in Waiting, Completed, or WaitingNotActive. Refer here to read more about the Steps status.

Note that, if the status of the step is not in Waiting, the endpoint call for any of the steps may not be successful.

The endpoints that the company's admin calls in this step are:

The GET request to this endpoint returns the employee's pre-filled Pay Allocations details. After the employee onboards this information into the system, calling this endpoint returns the onboarded information. Returned information for the company's admin to review includes the following:

  • Pay Method- This contains information about the salary pay method that the employee has chosen. Currently, our system provides two payment methods, which are Check and ACH (Direct Deposit).
  • Account Holder Name- This reveals the account holder's name.
  • Account Type- This provides information about the employee's account type. Our system currently has two Account types members: Checking and Savings account types.
  • Routing Number- This contains the nine digits of the employee's bank identification. This field becomes mandatory if the employee's choice of Pay Method is ACH.
  • Account Number- This should contain the employee's verifiable bank account number. It also becomes mandatory if the employee's pay method is ACH.
  • Percentage- This contains the portion of allocated net pay to the available pay methods.

After the company's admin has reviewed the employee's Net Pay Allocation details, the admin completes the step by making a PUT request to the Finish Net Pay Allocation Step endpoint. A successful call of this endpoint onboards the employee's Net Pay Allocation details for a successful payroll run.


Step Status

Note that after calling the Finish Net Pay Allocation Step, the step status for this step changes to Completed from Waiting, and details saved into the payroll system.