The company uses Form 8850 to pre-screen and make a written request to the State Workforce Agency (SWA) to certify an individual as a targeted group member to qualify for the work opportunity credit.


Onboarding templates and Form 8850

It is important to note that employers may not always need to verify this form, depending on the onboarding template they have chosen in the first phase of new employee onboarding. If the template selected is one without Form 8850, then the employee does not onboard information about the form and thus, there is no need for the company's admin to verify.

The company's admin can complete this step using about four endpoints that the system provides. However, for a successful call of both endpoints, the step status must be in Waiting.

The company's admin verifies and saves the Form 8850 information the employee gave during self-onboarding by calling the four different endpoints. The endpoints that the company's admin can call include the following:

This is the first endpoint the company admin calls to obtain the Form 8850 data the employee onboards during self-onboarding. Similar to the Form I-9 here, the company admin needs to onboard some additional information to what the employee provided.

Information that the company admin verifies when they call this endpoint includes the following:

Employer's Contact Information

Here, the company admin provides the employer's contact information for Form 8850. This is usually an object that contains different data fields storing various information. The data fields include Employer's Name, Employer's Phone Number, Employer's Address, etc. The employer can also provide alternative contact information, after which they give the same information as above.

Member of Targeted Group

Based on the new employee's age and home address, the new employee may belong to any member of a targeted group that the system provides. So, in this sub-step, the company admin verifies which targeted group the employee belongs to, if any.

Applicant Data

This is an object that contains different data fields like the Gave Information field (This is the date that the employer gave information about the Job offer), Was offered Job field (This is the date when the employer offered the job to the employee), Was Hired field (This is the date when the company hired the employee), and the Started Job field (This is the date of the employee's first work day).

Job Title

In this field, the company's admin inputs their position in the company.

Employer Signature Type

This allows methods of signing the Form 8850 document, which could be Electronically or Manually.

The company's admin calls this endpoint to preview the employee's Form 8850 information to be onboarded into the system. Thus, calling this endpoint returns an array of string responses containing the pre-filled information.

By calling this endpoint, the company's admin totally onboard the new employee's Form 8850 into the system. Calling the endpoint saves the employee's information in the system.

After the company's admin has previewed the employee's Form I-9, the admin completes the step by making a PUT request to the Finish Form 8850 Step endpoint. A successful call of this endpoint onboards the employee's I-9 Form information for a successful payroll run and changes the step status from Waiting to Completed.