Reviewing and signing documents

After reviewing the employee's other information, the company's admin reviews and signs other documents in this step. This view will display all documents that require the company's admin attention.

The company's admin calls two endpoints to review and sign these documents when the step status is in Waiting. The endpoints include the following:

When the company's admin makes a GET request to this endpoint, the call returns documents available for the employer to review about the new employee. The endpoint returns the documents in an array of objects, each containing data fields like the Document's Title and the Document's Preview Pages. The endpoint also allows the employer to choose the signature type they would prefer, which could be Electronically or Handwritten.

To make the PUT request to this endpoint, the company's admin must have declared there was no perjury in the information provided, must decide which signature type they would prefer, and must have signed the employer's name.

After calling this endpoint, the step status changes from Waiting to Completed.