What is Worklio Embedded Payroll


Welcome to Worklio Embedded Payroll user guide.

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What is embedded payroll

Embedded payroll is a robust API-based solution for partners who want to quickly integrate a native U.S. payroll solution into their services without spending multiple years and tens of millions of dollars in development costs.

Worklio Embedded Payroll (WEP) requires you to obtain access to our API through any of our oAuth flows before integration into your systems. Then, you need to integrate your data with our embedded payroll into your UI or use our component library for an easier-to-build UI. Thus, improving usability, and you are good to go.

Building your UI with our component library, which contains framework components like VUE and REACT, ensures seamless visualization of the payroll processes, further reducing the complexities of building a U.S. full-scale payroll solution. Depending on your requirements, the WEP solution can shorten your build time to 30 to 60 days or even less.

Using the WEP solution allows you to outsource most of the complexities in building your payroll solution. For example, WEP integrates about 11000 local payroll rules, including taxes, withholdings, deductions, benefits, etc. Thus, removing several hours of building your payroll solutions.