Manual Employee Onboarding

When you want to onboard an employee manually, your company's admin or locker does the whole onboarding process, and the employee does not play any role in the onboarding other than providing their personal information. The company admin onboards the employee in the following five stages:

  1. Personal information
  2. Residential Address
  3. Contract
  4. Tax setup
  5. Deduction

Once the information about the employee has been successfully filled and inputted, the employee's status becomes active in our system. However, the company's admin can still make necessary information updates about the employee by calling the update employment info endpoint.

The company's admin can update the employee's:

  • net pay allocations
  • pay information
  • tax setup
  • user access to the system
  • personal information
  • residential address details
  • deductions
  • documents
  • I9 forms