Finalizing the onboarding process

This phase is the third and final phase of employee self-onboarding. In this phase, the employer, by the company's admin, shall finish up the onboarding process for the new employee.

The company's admin shall verify every piece of information that the employee might have provided in the previous phase of the onboarding. The information that our system might require the company admin to verify is based on the onboarding template your company's admin used in the first phase of the onboarding.

After the employee completes their onboarding phase, the company admin can find information about the onboarding status of the employee by making a GET request to call the Onboarding status endpoint. The endpoint returns the varying steps that the company's admin must take to finalize the onboarding process and the status of each step.

As mentioned earlier, the steps in finalizing onboarding differ based on the onboarding template. However, in complete onboarding, there are about six step types that the company onboarding shall verify. The status of these steps is, however, any of the following three status types:

  • Waiting- The company admin can call the required API endpoints to finalize the step type in this status.
  • Completed- The step type takes this status after the company admin verifies the step.
  • WaitingNotActive- In this status, the step type is waiting to be finalized but cannot be completed because it depends on other steps.

To verify these steps, the company admin shall make a couple of endpoint calls possible only when the step type and status are known. The information that the company admin might need to verify may include the following:

Net Pay Allocations

The company admin can call about two endpoints to verify the employee's Pay Allocations. You can find more information about the endpoints here.

Tax Setup

Like the Net Pay Allocation, the company admin can call two endpoints to verify the new employee's tax setup if the step status is still Waiting. Please read more about verifying tax setup here.

Form I-9

The company's admin can call about six endpoints to help verify the I-9 form of the employee if completed by the employee. Find more about verifying form I-9 here.

Form 8850

The company admin can call about four endpoints to verify Form 8850 if the employee completes it. You can find fuller information about the endpoints and their integration here.

Review and Sign Documents

Another critical step the company admin must complete in this phase is reviewing and signing essential company documents. The admin can call the two required endpoints if the step status is Waiting. You can read more here.

Finalize Onboarding

The company admin can then call the finalize onboarding endpoint when all the steps and status are completed. The system then sends welcome emails to the new employee if you have chosen to send them welcome emails in the onboarding template.