Employee Self-Onboarding

Onboarding a new employee is a complex procedure of processing sensitive details, legally required documents, and personal information of the new employee. As a result, we have designed our system to allow for some process automation, provided templates, and designated that the new employees onboard certain information into the system.

Employee onboarding will not proceed without the onboarding templates. These templates provide the framework for bringing your new employee into the system. Each template has onboarding steps whose fields may be custom-required and may vary in each template.

You use this method of onboarding when you want the employee to participate in the onboarding process by filling in their data. Employee self-onboarding occurs in three phases:

  1. Onboarding starts with the Employer
  2. Employee's self-onboarding
  3. Finalizing onboarding by the Employer

Onboarding starts with the Employer

This phase is the beginning of the employee self-onboarding managed and controlled by the company's admin, also known as the Locker. Please see the Start Onboarding section here.

Employee's self-onboarding

In this phase, the employee onboards sensitive details and personal information into the system after receiving the invitational URL from the company's admin. Find more information about this phase here.

Finalizing onboarding by the Employer

This is the final phase of the onboarding, where the Locker verifies and finalize the employee's detail into the system for a successful payroll run. You can find more information about this phase here.