Employment Detail Information

This section is the third and final wizard, which should appear in the first phase of employee self-onboarding. At this wizard, the system prompts your company's admin to enter details of the employment agreement made with the employee.

To enter the information for this wizard, the company's admin makes a GET request that calls the employment detail endpoint. Calling this endpoint identifies the employee onboarding ID and the member of the onboarding step the company's admin is currently on. Also, this endpoint should return the sub-sections and columns to be filled with the employment details.

These details include but are not limited to the following:

Employment Start Date

This date should be set to the start of the employee's contract. The start date takes values from 50 years before the specified date to 5 years after the selected date for validation purposes.

Work Location

Employee's work location could be any location's ID that the company's admin has entered during the process of company onboarding or could be set to allow the employee to work from home. However, the employee work location must be entered appropriately and validated for tax valuation and proper payroll run.

Work Schedule

In this sub-section, the system should prompt the company's admin to enter the employee's work schedule or employment type. The system allows the company's admin to select any member of the employment type: Part-time, Full-time, Temporary, Intern, and Seasonal.

Compensation Type

The system is expected to prompt the company's admin to select which member of the compensation type our API covers. The compensation types include Salaried, Hourly, Piecework, Commissioned, Form 1099, Owner draws 1099, and Tipped. Depending on the member of the compensation type selected, fields such as compensation amount, hourly rate, or unit work rate should be customized.

Compensable Hours

This field should contain the employee's total work hours per pay period.

Employee Type

In this sub-section, you should designate the type of employee your new hire is. Our system allows an employee to either be a Statutory Employee or a 943 Agricultural Employee.

You can save the employee's employment detail into our system by making a PUT request to this endpoint. A successful call returns you with information on the next or previous onboarding step for that specific onboarding ID.

This wizard should mark the end of the first phase involved in employee self-onboarding, as the company's admin is expected to send an onboarding invitational email to the employee's email address.