User Types

There are 3 different user types in Worklio Embedded Payroll


This is a “super-user” account. Normally there is one, generated by the system during developer registration. In Production environment can be more of them created by support. All companies created by the System user are automatically added to his access list and he has full admin rights over them. The system user is also suitable for machine-2-machine API usage.


this is a standard admin account. An employee of the company who can do admin operations and tasks – hiring and terminating employees, running payrolls and so. Admins have full rights to the company where he is employed. Admin right is not limited, and you can set them on any number of employees. Just be aware that admin users see other users’ payrolls. So, handle it with care and set this just to real company admins.


an employee of the company. Employees can access only their own data and payrolls. Some update operations are not allowed to employees even on their own data due to regulatory basis.