Employee Payroll API

Employee Payroll API is part of API, available to Employee level users, which will give them chance to see their payroll history, payroll details and download pay statement in PDF form.
Primary usage of those endpoints is in some kind of “Employee portal” solution.
Be aware that in some US states is mandatory to hand pay statement to the employee and so if you don’t implement employee portal feature, your client companies will be pushed to print those pay statements and hand them to employees on paper.

So, we are heavily recommended to integrate this feature – at least let’s reduce number of trees used for paper.
There are two endpoints for Payroll history. One for current year and one with year in route as parameter.
Payroll history list contains not just basic payroll data like payday but also Gross and Net Pay so you can display (for example) chart or some table and thus can employee see difference in pay immediately.

After selecting of payroll is PaystubId payroll (along with companyId and employeeId) needed as parameter for more detailed data. With this data you can display more detailed info about payroll, including info about paid taxes, employee deductions but also employers’ contributions and details about earnings in general.
FileId and FCU can be supplied to File download endpoint and employee can download pdf with pay statement.