Work with Work Locations

Work locations are important part of company setup as they are creating link between employees and location where they really work. This connection needs to be correct so payroll and tax engine can calculate employee properly.
During company onboarding is default work location created. You can update it later via work location endpoint or you can use company update endpoint.

Address validation

Address for work location is validated through tax engine. In case that address is not valid you can use geo coordinates (for example from google maps component). Then is payroll calculation driven by those coordinates and text version of address is only for info. But we strictly recommend keeping them in sync.
Work locations can’t be removed as they are tied to employees and payrolls data and so they must be kept in database for audit purposes.

Working from home

As we mentioned on beginning – each employee needs to be linked with work location. In case that employee work from home, system will create link to his own residential address. So don’t worry, you don’t need to create one employee work locations records.